War is something that the world has never come to terms with… In spite of the solid head gear half of it is stricken of by another brave soldier… slicing the skin… with oozing out blood … the force of the strike must have been so strong that blood splashed is flown down the face…& still for the soldier all is so like a normal simple ritual.. that his expression is too quiet… no panic … calm& tranquil eyes … I always have liked the heavy metallic gear of Roman soldiers… visuals deep within you shape the clay… you just have to surrender totally to yourself….

When I started making sculptures, this was the very 2nd sculpture I made …, 1st being ‘war & peace’

This is wood fired at 1280 degrees centigrade… black bronze , my favorite glaze recipe… gives the metallic effect so well that everyone is amazed to know it’s clay & not a metal…

stoneware / black bronze / 1280 degrees centigrade / fired in a wood kiln / Jan. 2013 /